Anna's Sewing

I highly recommend Anna if you are looking for an incredibly well made hoodies, sweat type shirts or vests. She does an excellent job and quarantees her workmanship. She has also made items on request for animals and, if you have a certain type of pattern, design or image that you had in mind, she will work with you to find just the right item for you. She is located in Tofield , AB. Contact her either by phone 780-662-3588 or you can request information through GDSPaints . Additional pictures are available on request. 

 I highly recommend Hoffmans mineral in your feeding program. We have a container out for our broodmares while they are in foal and after they foal whish gets the babies used to licking at it as well. We have it out free choice for every pasture or pen that we have a horse in and for every age group from babies to old timers. When we first moved out here, we tried different products but were never satisfied with how the horse looked. We were happy to finally find someone that we could get Hoffmans from again. Hoffmans


We have worked and dealt allot with Cheryl so I would highly recommend her for any prospect you consider at Ponderosa Paints and Pintos. She is located in southern Saskatchewan. She carries some of our lines and we hope to work allot more with her in the future.  If interested, follow this link to check out her site.